Emergency Medical Response Risk Assessment & Operational Testing

Assessment Of Emergency Medical Response Capability & Procedures


This is a Lifeskills Medical UK Professional Assessment and is a comprehensive risk assessment consultation combined with an on-site inspection and detailed analysis of your organisation's required level for first aid, other emergency medical response, and health & safety provision in order to meet current health and safety legislation.

The consultation is carried out in conjunction with your organisation's Health & Safety Manager or Training Manager. A full Emergency Medical Response Capability & Procedures report with recommendations for first aid or a higher category emergency medical response for the organisation is made, with recommendations for appropriate equipment purchase, training, and correct record keeping.


Lifeskills Medical UK consultation & written report.


Half day consultation held on client's premises, with follow up written report and findings & recommendations meeting.


None. This emergency medical assessment of needs and response is designed for small, medium or large organisations who want to ensure that their provision to deal effectively with accidents meets legislation, and that the incident response time is minimised.

Report includes:

Determination of on-site specific risks
Specific first aid response and medical equipment needs analysis
Recommendation for appropriate training requirements
Advice regarding correct record keeping and reporting procedures

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Emergency Medical Response Operational Testing


This is a Lifeskills Medical UK professional testing process. it is a  series of simple & complex “accident at work” scenario based exercises within your workplace prepared by our instructors in conjunction with your Health and Safety Manager or Training Manager to determine the effectiveness of your first responders or EMS crews.

We will test the response times, scene management, treatment procedures, communication, knowledge and skills of your first responders or EMS crews when dealing with an accident or medical emergency within your own workplace. We will provide a number persons to act as simulated realistic casualties so that the disruption to your workforce is minimal.


Lifeskills Medical UK consultation & report.

Operational testing:

1 or 2 days depending on the size of the on-site workforce and work-related risks on site.


None. This testing of your operation procedures testing day is designed for organisations that maintains its own first aiders or an emergency medical & rescue service on site.

Testing includes:

Risk assessment & procedures for emergencies
Simulated workplace accidents
Effectiveness of call-out method and response times
Assessment of incident scene safety and scene management
Triage prioritisation
Scenario debriefs for management and medical responders
A full written report with recommendations for any beneficial procedural changes & required skills training to meet the organisational needs is issued with a follow-up consultation if requested or required.

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